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«Spartacus le gladiateur»

Maxime Le Forestier
Directed by: Elie Chouraqui (director Les Dix commandements)

Spartacus was a famous hero of the new French musical. The history of the revolt led by Spartacus, told by the owner of a gladiatorial school Lentulusom Batiatosom.

«Whistle Down the Wind»

Music: Andrew Lloyd-Webber

song lyrics: Jim Steinman

Libretto: Gale Edwards, Patricia Knop, Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Whistle Down the Wind "- a term of falconry, it literally translates to" whistling in the wind, "which means" let the falcon hunter fly in the wind / fly freely. " The action begins in a small church in Louisiana. Christmas is a few days. Words preacher leave a strong impression in the minds of the three children of a poor farmer's family Boone. Parishioners diverge. On stage, children are the two sisters and their younger brother, as they call them - Swallow, her younger sister and brother Brett poor fellow. They live with their father - their mother died, they come from a poor family. Bret wants to be "beautiful and sexy", Poor Kid wants to be like Elvis and have a lot of money, and swallow dreams of having their mother returned to them - at least for one night. They complain that they never get to what they are asking in my prayers. They return home and on the way met Amos - urban bully. He rides his new motorcycle. Amos partial to swallow, even though we all know that his girlfriend black girl Candy. Amos conceived rolled away from this wretched little town and Swallow offers her a ride. When the children return home, on the radio message prisoner escaped from prison, which incidentally killed two guards. Children secretly sent to the barn to feed the famous hidden kittens. Children develop in straw stranger. Swallow when asked who he was, the response gets only: "Jesus Christ". Before losing consciousness, the stranger asked not to extradite him. In the evening the bar sheriff notifies residents of escaped criminals. Amos and Candy rides his bike through the city streets. Young people do not see any prospects for themselves in this city, where life is, according to them, stopped. They have no regret to part with the past for the sake of new, interesting, exciting and full of adventures of the future.
Kids Boone talk about the second coming of his friends. The boys decide that if done correctly, Jesus will stay with them forever. Children give him gifts and promise that I will always love him. Citizens, organizing something like militia, going to find a fugitive criminal. Children and the concept of this lack. They are happy, that near to them Jesus.
When they leave, the man was alone, reflects on his life. The girl promised to pray for him - but he believes that "for him - for his" animal nature "- there is no prayer." Desperate, furious scream wayward man, regret and anger about his past, dark thoughts about the future.
Reappears Swallow - she asks the person to return her to her mother. That girl has "become his first apostle" and promises to fulfill her request, when typed forces - if she takes good care of him. Man shaken confidence, innocence and kindness girl.
A man asks Swallow to help him - for him to bring a package hidden in a railway tunnel. The tunnel is very far away, and the yard is already night. Meanwhile, the house Swallows rides Amos. He came to say goodbye before leaving. Man offers Swallow motorcycle use Amos to get to the tunnel.
The man realizes that he's terribly worried about signs. But it's too late to change anything - Amos and Swallow leave. When Swallow takes out from its hiding place in the tunnel packet, it was about to die under the wheels of a sudden out of the tunnel the train. Amos time to time to save her. Swallow obliged youth life and decides to tell him his "big secret", "Jesus returned. He's in our barn ". At this time, before Amos has time to realize what he heard, there is the sheriff - he first takes the guy for an escaped criminal. He drove the Swallow home, having previously guy serious suggestion. Home girl expects an unpleasant conversation with a worried father. Swallows father angry, and even more excited about it because the Swallow went somewhere out of the house late at night - because the situation in the city is very dangerous. But she does not share his fears - she says her father that Jesus will protect her, and that she was no longer a child - and leaves.
Swallow is a package of man, when she leaves, he unpacks the package. In it - the gun. Amos watch him without being seen, he sees this scene and, alarmed, flees in search of signs.
At this time, Candy, for several hours waiting for my friend, I understand that Amos is not going to leave her out of town. She is angry, she cheated in the best feelings and think about revenge. Boy, Candy reports that Amos was in a tunnel with a swallow, and then I saw her in the barn escaped criminal ...
People in the city is going to "fight with the devil." A crowd of more and more inflame. Candy, which had nothing more to lose, it opens up in a rage all the "big secret" - in the barn swallow hides armed criminal.
All moving to the barn, where it hides Man. Children also go there - they are determined to protect the ones they see it as their Savior. Swallow ran into the barn and informs the person that he hunted. A man decides to tell the girl the truth about himself, but she did not believe him, it seems that he still puts her faith in him to the test. Man can not stay - and at the same time he was so hurt to lose it ... but you have to make a decision. Man pushes Swallow of police surrounded the barn, all pouring gasoline ignites a match and ... disappears in flames.
When the fire is over, police were searching for - but none of the remains, nor any traces of man in the barn, no ... It's gone. Neon sign that says "Jesus is alive" broken. Final shrouded in mystery - the viewer is invited himself to decide for yourself what happened to the man. Who was the person - man or God? Everyone answers this question in the way he wants.
The main thing that happened made Swallows family and all the residents of the city a lot to think about. Swallows father understood much as needed to their children, as it was not right when he immersed himself in his grief and closed it, cut off from them. And Amos stands next to them - perhaps Swallow now understand how important it is for him Audiences and critics highly appreciated the performance. Reviews of recent were surprisingly enthusiastic - reviewers, usually a hostile take each next product Lloyd Webber, could not hide his admiration. The song "It does not matter", released as a single pop group «Boyzone», known to many. Song from "Whistle in the wind" "When the children rule the world" was full of Japanese singer Ryoko Moriyama at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Nagano.


composer Janusz Stoklos,

director-choreographer Janusz Jozefowicz

Musical. Over the past few decades, this word has become a cult hit. From various sources, we learned of the existence of Broadway musicals. And in the late nineties, this "forbidden fruit" appeared in Moscow. "METRO" - a story about young people who go into the ground by not accepting their big world. "METRO" - this is their life, their choice. The plot is pure romantic story which is interwoven with such serious topics as the relationship between the generations, money, betrayal, youth and its age-old romance and cruel reality. The story told in "METRO" director Janusz Yuzefovich, tells of the talented young people who are hoping for a fantastic career in the big show business to arrive in the capital from all over the country to play in the youth musical. But the guys are left out, Phillip Capital famous director, star and guru rejects young talent, and in desperation they go down to the Moscow Metro, where he met Ivan's younger brother Philip. Ivan hates vicious world left them upstairs, becomes the leader of a motley of young people brought together the accident, the desire to become real artists and the Moscow subway. Together, they create their own performance and not just anywhere, but right on the rails of the Moscow metro. Believing in each other, accept each other as it is - with all the disadvantages and advantages, young talent to work together to succeed. And in the center of the play - love, which is full of light, lofty sentiments and drama. Musical about how hard it is to be, when people want you to be consistent with conventional thinking. The problem is eternal and completely solvable - just need people to be tolerant of each other, appreciate others' individuality, because the world is interested in a variety of human characters.
The "Metro" director Janusz Jozefowicz very colorful shows mores of contemporary life. In his play young actors may not always memorized dialogues - the guys talk about their lives. This makes the musical unique. After all, most of the stories told in "Metro" - a reality. Arriving in Moscow, many of the artists that you see on stage, live stations, preparing to enter the theater and other universities. The root of the Muscovites, having clout and influential parents, held with low head down past the theater institutes and colleges. However, united by a common purpose and aspirations, together they have become successful.
The musical was originally staged in Poland. In the early 90's Swedish producer Victor Kubiak accident on TV saw a piece of student work by a young director Janusz hits. Victor is looking for him and offers to go to study, first in Prague and then to America. Janusz gets maximum school. And then they decide to do with Victor European musical world level for people rejected by society. Professional actors refuse to go to listen to an unknown director, and then announces Janusz set. The brilliant idea of ​​"Metro" - choose from thousands of people from the street's most talented and bright was due to the need. The premiere took place in November 1991. The theater ceased all other performances - 36 times a month, there are the 'Metro'. Later the "Metro" was put on Broadway (actors were recruited for the U.S. version in Moscow), and even nominated for the prestigious Tony Aword. During these years, "Metro" became a cult show, a troupe of actors from the first turned into stars.
Arriving in a foreign country, "Metro" is the story of the people of this country. This is what happened in Russia. Frame stories is constant, and new actors bring their true stories to tell them from the scene.


Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Libretto: T. S. Eliot

The scene is a huge dump on the starry sky, adorned with garlands of colored lights. Searchlight beams snatched from darkness cans, scraps of newspapers, old shoes, metal and other rubbish fake giant (as they see it all cats) size. One after the other on the stage there are cats - they get out of the garbage cans, jump out of gutters, roll down the trunk of an old car.  Today is a special night. Feline tribe that calls itself "jellicle cats", is going to the annual celebration. Cats talk about themselves, and we learn a lot of interesting details from the life of cats. Cats open secret of the three spectators feline names: daily, the name by which they call each other with each other and, finally, the secret name, the meaning of that and reflect on the fact cats when people take them in extreme thoughtfulness.
White cat Victoria performs a dance in the moonlight. A huge gray cat, acting as manager of a cat holiday, explains that the cat once a year going to the ball, during which time they are having fun in anticipation of their leader - a cat named Old Man Dyuteronomi. It is he who chooses the cat, which was destined to go to that night Heaviside Layer - cat's paradise, and then, to be reborn into a new life. Cats nominate worthy candidates for revival, talk about themselves.
The first in a series of portraits - Miss Jenny, fat lazy cat that sleeps all day in the sun, and when night turns into a model owner - is engaged in bringing the house in order, the education and training of mice, cockroaches. Next Ram-Tam-Tugger is a favorite of the female half of the feline tribe. Character in Ram-Tam-Tuggerah controversial - he can not decide what he wants - terribly moody type.
Grizabella appears. Many years ago, she left her tribe to see the world. But now Grizabella that was once beautiful and fashionable women, returning from his travels descended, old and battered. Cats treated her with hostility.
Next cat - Bastofer Jones. Tomcat is a solid white socks, black velvet coat and eyeglasses. He - a dandy, a frequenter of London clubs and epicurean. In paws at Johns Bastofera huge spoon.
Suddenly there was a terrible explosion, followed by the wail of police sirens can be heard. Makaviti, king of the underworld, on the loose! In terror cats leave the stage. Mangodzherri and Rampltizer - improvised Makaviti, tramps, clowns and pranksters, talk about how they annoy the family, in which they live.
Finally, there is the old man Dyuteronomi and cats surround their leader to express his love. Managing ball Mankustrap suits the cat show patriarch - cats play the story of two warring tribes Dog - Pekingese and mongrels. Cat's Ball begins.
Grizabella is still hoping to win back the tribesmen, but they also reject it. She sings that she would not leave the memories of a time when she was young and happy.
Burnt dancing cats rest in the moonlight. Dyuteronomi old reflects on the meaning of happiness.
Dzhellilorum is all just appeared on the scene of a new cat, asparagus or just Gus. This is a very old cat - perhaps only Dyuteronomi older than him. Gus was once a prominent actor - but he was a youth. Now he can only remember its former glory and to argue that the theater today is not the same as before. One of the best parts was the role of Gus murderous cat-pirate who terrorized the neighborhood Thames. Now he has the opportunity to repeat his performance.
The next character - Skimblshenks Amtrak cat. He - the guardian angel of passengers traveling on trains. Again, there was a terrible noise - on stage, finally, himself appears Makaviti. Taking advantage of the panic, his aides kidnapped Old Dyuteronomi. Two cats talk about what they know about Makaviti. The villain appears again in the garbage, old man dressed in a suit Dyuteronomi - but it quickly expose cats. Is fierce fight between him and the rest of the cats. Makaviti exhausted, at last, trying to hit their opponents by an electric discharge, and the scene is immersed in the darkness. Ram-Tam-Tugger calls for help Mr. Mistofilisa, cat - magician. It returns a cat leader, and shows at the same time a lot of amazing tricks.
Finally comes the moment when the old man Dyuteronomi must declare which of the cats destined to be reborn to a new life. On stage, Grizabella reappears - she still hopes to return to his people, and this time the cats that are finally beginning to understand how she is unhappy and alone, take it back to the tribe. That Grizabella is the chosen one.
The huge glowing staircase Grizabella accompanied Dyuteronomi Old Man climbs into the sky.
Dyuteronomi old addresses to the audience with a speech that the cats should be treated with respect and with respect, as they are - a very special and unusual creatures. On the other hand, between people and cats actually have a lot in common. This solemn hymn ends the show.
CATS "- perhaps not only the most famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but also one of the world's most famous musicals, show records. Premiere of "CATS" was held May 11, 1981 in the West End, in the New London Theatre (New London Theatre). Until its closing May 11, 2002 performance was in London with great success (over 6400 views). Musical "CATS" has broken all records imaginable and in the United States. However, to the chagrin of the New York fans, September 10, 2000, eighteen years after its premiere, the last presentation of this fabulous show. During this time the show seen by more than 10 million, while revenues amounted to about 400 million dollars. Once the closing date has been determined - July 25, 2000, the interest for the musical again extraordinarily increased and "cat" lease of life for another ten weeks, during which the show was played at almost full house, and charges due to the influx of fans and tourists, was $ 550 000.
During its existence, the musical was made more than four times, it was visited by over 50 million viewers in thirty countries, and the total amount of fees currently handled over 2.2 billion dollars. Among the awards of "CATS" - Laurence Olivier Award (Lawrence Olivier Award) and the prize is awarded to the newspaper "Evening Standard" (Evening Standard Award) in the category "Best Musical", seven Tony Awards, the French Molière Award, seven Canadian Awards named Dora Moore Meyvor (Dora Mavor Moore) and seven awards in Japan. Entries and London and Broadway original members were awarded a Grammy.

«Fiddler on the Roof» 

Music: Jerry Bock
Libretto: Joseph Stein
song lyrics: Sheldon Harnick

The action takes place in 1904 in the Ukraine, a Jewish village Anatovka. The central character of the musical - Tevye the milkman and his extended family. Tevye - the keeper of the hearth and a jealous tradition, accepting life as it is. Sometimes, though, and he is not averse to dream ... If he had at least a little ... But sostoyanitse wealth of Tevye - five daughters, for whom a successful marriage - the only way out of poverty.
The eldest daughter Tzeitel loves the poor tailor named Motl, they gave each other the word to get married, and Tevye, after a painful internal struggle, bless this marriage. Wedding marred by mayhem, which Tevye tried to warn the policeman. The house Tevye lives student Perchik, who came to Anatovku from Kiev. He teaches daughters milkman in exchange for shelter and food. Between him and Hodel, Tevye's second daughter, there is mutual sympathy. At the wedding of Tzeitel young people, defying convention, like mad together. Soon Perchik sent to Kiev to join the revolutionary movement, and the lovers ask Tevye paternal blessing. Tevye again forced to retreat from tradition. Another of his daughter, she found her destiny. After a while she hears the news that Perchik arrested and sent to Siberia. Hodel decides to follow her lover, and promises his father that they were married according to the Jewish rite. Chava, Tevye's third daughter, falls in love with Russian guy named Fedka. Tevye forbids his daughter to meet with the infidels, but soon after that learns from his wife that Fedka and Chava married the Orthodox priest. Hawa died for him now - despite the insane love for his daughter, Tevye can not accept the fact that she had betrayed the faith of his people. Tevye and the other inhabitants Anatovki expect another blow - out royal decree, according to which all Jews must leave the province. Tevye's family puts the cart their simple belongings. Roads children and parents disagree: Tzeitel and Motl going to Warsaw, and from there to America, Hodel and Perchik are still in Siberia, Chava and Fyedka go to Krakow. At the time of parting Tevye forgives his rebellious daughter Chava and blesses it.
September 22, 1964 "Fiddler on the Roof" opened on Broadway, and on the next day after the premiere, it was clear that the horizon of musical theater came up a new star. The best proof - 3242 views, played on Broadway for 8 years and 9 months, and 9 Tony Awards, the musical which was awarded in 1965. At the time of closing, July 12, 1972, the musical has been played 3242 times.
Five years later, "Fiddler on the Roof" was presented to the London audience. Played the role of Tevye unknown Israeli actor Chaim Topol, who has received rave reviews from critics and became the sensation of the theatrical season. In London, "Fiddler" has been played 2030 times.
«Mozart l Opera Rock»

Directed by: Oliver Dahan

Composed by: Jean-Pierre PILOT, Olivier SCHULTEIS

The play begins when the fate of Mozart presents his test: replaced Colloredo Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. The new governor - a strict and authoritarian man, do not take the music of Mozart and impatient of his ardor and audacity. For Mozart's life in Salzburg soon becomes unbearable. Colloredo refuses Mozart in his application to take a trip with his father Leopold, to give concerts in Europe and realize his dream - to write an opera in German.
He was 20 years old when he decided to leave his hometown and move with her mother to find a better future in the European capitals. Colloredo, who wants to rein in the rebellious youngster, sends messengers to all the influential dignitaries, not to take Mozart and would not let him work.
Wolfgang with his mother travel to Mannheim, where he met with the family of Weber. Struck by the beauty of the voice and Aloysia, one of the daughters of Frau Weber, Wolfgang promises to write an opera for her and speak with her at court, where she was invited. Anna Maria sees Wolfgang entangled network of lies, and wrote a letter asking to reason Leopold son. Mozart devotee beloved father dares to violate his order and went to Paris, leaving Alois, who angrily shouts that he hates it.
Perfect Paris charms of Mozart, it wakes up the confidence in success and a thirst for glory. But the Parisians do not accept Wolfgang, his music is useless. Weakened from travel and distress, Anna Maria died. This is the beginning of the collapse of all the dreams of the young Mozart.
On the way home to Salzburg Wolfgang calls in Mannheim and learns that Aloysius married, she no longer needs it or in his arias. Composer loses his muse. Wolfgang quarrels with his father, who accuses him of recklessness and blames the death of his mother. 3 years after his return, he again left Salzburg. Rather than follow Colloredo to Vienna to attend the coronation Iosifa2 Mozart, tired jokes, leaves the service and becomes a free composer. In Vienna, it finally come to fame and success, as well as love. He connects his life with Constance Weber, Aloysia's younger sister.
But fame is transient. Court intrigue, lavish lifestyle, which are Constance and Wolfgang, bring them to the poverty line. After receiving a mysterious stranger in a mask order Requiem Wolfgang feels the approach of death. He writes, being sure that he wrote a requiem for his own funeral, and died in abject poverty, leaving his unfinished Requiem. Premiere of "Mozart, L'Opera Rock" was held on 22 September 2009 at the Palais des Sports of Bercy. In the play, the creation of which was invested 6 million euros, attended 60 singers, actors and musicians. A dangerous idea of ​​a rock opera about the great composer belongs to the producers - Albert Cohen (Albert Cohen) and Dov Attia (Dove Attia). On their account have successful musical "The Sun King" ("Le Roi Soleil"). Cohen said he believes Mozart's "first rock star", "the first independent artist" and "free-thinker". Mozart's music, performed by classical musicians, will be interspersed with rock songs. Put the famous musical director Olivier Dunne (Olivier Dahan). His film "La vie en rose" ("La Mome") on Edith Piaf (Edith Piaf) was in 2007, all possible cinematic awards. Actors in the rock opera "Mozart" - the young star of the French musical theater - Michelangelo Leconte (Mikelangelo Loconte), Melissa Mars (Melissa Mars), Claire Perot (Claire Perot) and Fiorent Moth (Florent Mothe), and others. After the success of musicals "The Ten Commandments" and "Sun King" producer Dov Atiyah and Albert Cohen invites the viewer to make a new musical journey in the XVIII century.
The play sounds like the original song, and the compilation of the most beautiful works of Mozart. This is a full-scale musical with sumptuous costumes, props and hair of the era. "Mozart. Opera Rock "- one of the most commercially successful French musical projects since the" Sun King. " After four full house at the Palais des Sports in 2009, and no less successful tour of France, "Mozart" is back in Paris. On November 9, 2010 was a new unit plays an updated version of the musical. And 2011 will begin a tour of France, Belgium and Switzerland.
«Bombay Dreams»

Music: A.R. Rahman

Text: Don Black

In 2002, the musical opened in London «Bombay Dreams», also had a relationship to the Lloyd-Webber, though this time he was not the author. In this setting, Andrew made his debut as a producer only. The musical was created by the book Meera Syal and Thomas Meehan, the inventor of Shekhar Kapur. The premiere was the show in the West End in, and in 2004 launched a musical on Broadway.
Wrote the music for the musical Indian composer AR Rahman (AR Rahman), Lyrics - Don Black. The play was conceived as a kind of Indian cinema on the stage and told the story of the transformation of the poor guy in the Bollywood star and his love of rich beauty.
Composer AR Rahman is known in the film world, has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. He studied at Trinity College of Music at Oxford University, "Western classical music." He has written music for more than 75 films, including the films nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film, Lagaan: Once Upon A Time. in 2002, he also wrote the music for the musical "The Lord of the Rings", which premiered in 2006 in Toronto.

«Jesus Christ Superstar»

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Libretto: Tim Rice

Retell the story of this super pulyarnoy rock opera, probably does not make sense - it can be found in the source - the Gospel of John. Just to mention some of the deviations from the traditional plot: for example, the image of Mary Magdalene combines two biblical Mary - sister of Martha and the whore. Son sees not the wife of Pilate, and the Procurator, no scenes of Christ's resurrection - and, thus, his divinity, in general, is in question, and only the person who believes in the idea. The main idea of ​​the work sound very modern. Heroes of the play - Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, Pilate experiencing every personal drama, being between "a rock" - a system embodied priests Caiaphas, Annas and Saul, and the "hard place" - the crowd, ready to crush any person, if that "do not fit" in the system. The formulation of this product, which has already become classics of the world of musical theater, the Russian stage peculiar combination of interesting genre of rock opera, the orthodox reading of the Gospel and the traditions of Russian theater school. "
Musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" tells the story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, seen through the eyes of his disciple Judas Iscariot, frustrated at what was the teaching of Christ. At the beginning of the play Judas with pain and bitterness is aware that the followers of Jesus were fanatics, praised him as a god and distort his words, perceiving them as ridiculous prophecy. According to Judas, Jesus - the only person besides the person in a way inconsistent, as seen in his relationship with Mary Magdalene. As soon as the crowd of admirers of Jesus multiplied more and more out of control, mutual alienation between him and Judas becomes stronger. Seeing how Jesus loses his banishing merchants and money changers out of the temple, and pleads with cripples begging to heal them, to leave him alone, Judas increasingly convinced that the Nazarene really just a man. He decides that Jesus, having lost control of the crowd was dangerous and that we should stop it. He goes to the priests and tell them everything they need to know to grab one of Jesus, without risking being attacked by the crowd. However, after seeing the soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane and seeing how events unfold, Judas soon realizes that God was using him, making the instrument of Christ's martyrdom. Enraged by the fact that people of Nazareth remembered as Superstar, Judas commits suicide.

«Notre-Dame de Paris» 

Music: Richard Cocciante

Libretto: Luc Plamondon

Appears on the scene the narrator poet and philosopher Gringoire. He promises to tell the story of love and passion, which occurred in the glorious city of Paris at the end of the XV century, a pivotal era. Ends in the Middle Ages - the great Age of the Cathedrals ... what comes next? At the gate of the city - a crowd of vagrants and beggars, gypsies and thieves. Tramps Under King Roma Clopin, referring to the Mother of God, they are outcast of society, require that belongs to them in age-old tradition, the right of asylum. Archdeacon of Notre Dame, Claude Frollo angry that tramp wracking Parisians and ordered the captain of the Royal Archers Phoebus de Shatoperu drive them. Coldaty disperse beggars, Phoebe notices a young gypsy girl in the crowd. Esmeralda says that she - an orphan, brought up Gypsies, no one knows where she was born, but now her house - Paris. Phoebus fascinated. Clopin, the adoptive father of Esmeralda, warns her that she had to be careful - it's not a child, she entered the age of love, men look at her differently.
In the handsome Phoebus is the bride - a noble and rich girl Fleur-de-lis. They exchange vows of love and dream of the day when they were married. Meanwhile tramp plotting fun ceremony, as it is found in the April Fool's Day. Disposes this feast Gringoire. On this day people choose a mock king of all interested in the ability to compete pose scary faces. Among the poor Gringoire notices unusual monster - is hunchbacked, lame curve and Quasimodo, the bell ringer Frauenkirche. King and his pick for this holiday Shutov! For the first time on it no one makes fun of his distinguished among all subjects he appeared. Maybe now, at least for the holiday, the beautiful Esmeralda still pay attention to him? Appears stepfather Quasimodo, Frollo. He was indignant sacrilegious ceremony with tears Quasimodo clownish crown and warns against all spells Esmeralda. "The Gypsy - witch!" - He shouts - "Look at her - a mortal sin," he said Quasimodo about his plan - that night they kidnapped the girl and sign it in the tower of the Cathedral. Quasimodo submits - it's Frollo sheltered him, fed and educated, and most importantly - did bellringer Frauenkirche. In Paris, the night comes, the gates of the city are closed. Gringoire, without knowing why, following the Esmeralda, but loses it in the maze of streets of Paris. Frollo and Quasimodo going to kidnap Esmeralda, but at this moment passes by Royal Fusiliers patrol led by Phoebe. Phoebus arrests Quasimodo. Frollo manages to hide in the shadows of night streets. Esmeralda saved. Phoebus offers adventurous girl to see her, but Esmeralda proudly refuses! However Phoebus assigns it a date the next night, in a fun house "shelter of love." Strayed in search of Esmeralda, Gringoire finds that accidentally fell into the realm of bugs - the dreaded Court of Miracles-haven Parisian vagabonds. Now, for the fact that he willfully violated the borders of the state of beggars, he would be hanged. If only some woman did not take him for a husband. Three beggar one another reject the poet, and it is waiting for certain death. Esmeralda appears. She agrees to become his wife Gringoire. Gringoire and Esmeralda are left alone. Esmeralda asked who she was honored to be married. Gringoire is: he's a poet in Paris. He says he will not do for a husband, but Esmeralda is ready to make his muse, his Beautiful Lady. However, the girls busy with other thoughts: it asks what the word Phoebus Gringoire happy to show off your erudition and said that the name of Phoebus means "sun." Esmeralda dreams of Phoebe. However, the fleur-de-lis, too hot like Phoebe. Everyone dreams about it. Their voices blend into blowing. Phoebus also can not decide whom he loves most - his fiancée Fleur-de-lis or the seductive gypsy Esmeralda. He feels that he is torn to pieces and can not make a choice. On stage - Frollo and Gringoire. The priest asks the poet, who was the girl that danced before the cathedral of Our Lady. Gringoire replied that it was his wife. Frollo is itself - it prohibits Gringoire touch Esmeralda. Poet conversation to another topic they discuss what the word Anarkia carved in the gallery of the cathedral of Our Lady of the Kings. At this point, they see the detainee arrows Quasimodo. Arrested for assault on Esmeralda, Quasimodo is sentenced to punishment in the pillory. Quasimodo grievously suffering from thirst, but no one will take pity on him! Girl fearlessly approaches the pillory and gives miserable drunk. "Beauty" - exclaims touched Quasimodo. Quasimodo shocked beauty and kindness of Esmeralda and admires her. He's in love, but no hope for. Severe Archdeacon Frollo Cathedral of Our Lady asks himself, I do not whether the devil persuaded him this vile passions. Esmeralda for him - the embodiment of sin, and yet he dreams of her body. Handsome Phoebus also not averse to the favor of Esmeralda. In gratitude Quasimodo Esmeralda offers refuge in Notre Dame, where she will be protected. Esmeralda in the church. It appeals to the Mother of God and asks Mary to protect her life and love. Frollo in confusion, he did not know what to do with her wicked passion for gypsy.
Meanwhile, Phoebus hastens to "Shelter of Love" - ​​suitable rendezvous. Possessed by jealousy Frollo follows Phoebus and tries to dissuade him from this meeting. But the captain rudely interrupted the priest, and follows his path. Gringoire tells us that anyone who has ever walked into a blessed place, will return again and again. Even he comes here to complain about unrequited love. For the love of the girls in the "Haven of Love" does not require any gold or sweet speeches - enough for a few small coins. Phoebus comes, see that he is not the first time. He apologizes to the girls and said that today, did not come to them, and to meet with Esmeralda. Phoebus and Esmeralda alone. Crept after them, Frollo watching this scene of love. Phoebus anticipating pleasure, and absorbed his sense of Esmeralda. At this point, Frollo from his hiding place and does Phoebus dagger, stolen from Esmeralda. Esmeralda falls unconscious on the body of Phoebe. "Destiny" - exclaims Gringoire, - "it will not go away from anybody, she holds our lives in his hand". Gringoire talks to Frollo. They say that a new era - it was learned that the earth is round, already invented the printing press, the ships have gone to sea to find a new route to India. The priest said that education would kill religion - and in the end people will kill a god. Frollo and Gringoire noticed that day after day the bells do not ring the Cathedral of Our Lady - ringer forgot his bells, he is in love. Quasimodo talks with their bells - his only friends.
Frollo interested in Gringoire, which is now his wife, Esmeralda. Gringoire answers evasively. Klopenu who cares for his adopted daughter, the poet gives a secret - Esmeralda in prison, it is accused of attempted murder of Phoebus, and if her friends gypsy led Klopenom not released the girl, then it hung. Esmeralda in his cell, Quasimodo in his cathedral - remember about each other and about what happened between them and tie them up. Frollo as a judge questioned Esmeralda. She is happy that Phoebus was alive, and asks her to see him. Esmeralda did not confess to the crime, and it is waiting for torture. Torment he leads Frollo. Esmeralda hard and the only thing she recognized - is that she likes to Phoebus. However Frollo condemn it and take a sentence: for witchcraft, the attack on Phoebus de Shatopera gypsy is hanged in the square. Alone in his cell, Esmeralda calls Phoebe, dreaming of how he frees her and they go away. Frollo suffers, he remembers how happy he was before he learned Esmeralda and lost peace.
Fleur-de-lis angry with Phoebe - he deceived her. However, she is ready to forgive all if razluchnitsa Esmeralda is hanged. Phoebe convinces fleur-de-lis, which Esmeralda had bewitched him that she only needed his money. He again vows to his bride in love and says that if she needed it, he would return to her. On the eve of the execution Frollo Esmeralda comes to the priest, to prepare her to death. Esmeralda asks to let her go - she has not done anything to anyone. She does not understand what this priest so hated her, and wondered about it. "This is not hate, it is love."-Frollo said he was fascinated by it from the day one morning I saw her dancing on the square in front of the Cathedral. He offers her a deal - if Esmeralda agrees to give him, he will save her from the gallows, and then let loose. Esmeralda in anger drives him. Frollo rushes at her, to take her by force, but then burst into vagabonds led by bedbugs and rescue Esmeralda. Now they are all free. Gringoire and Quasimodo with them.
Night. Gringoire refers to the moon, "Look down at the ground, look at the suffering of people in love. Hear the cry of the unfortunate Quasimodo, for whom a million stars do not stand eye to the one he loves so passionate love! " Esmeralda and Quasimodo saved sheltered her in his house - Notre Dame de Paris. He leaves her whistle, the girl could call him when she needed anything. Quasimodo is grieving about the injustice of the world. Phoebus, so beautiful, noble, rich - and he, Quasimodo, ugly and poor. Esmeralda loves the handsome captain just for looks and does not see what is in his mind. How unfair this world!
Night. Esmeralda wakes. She does not want to die, she wants to live - so he loves to live free and most choose to live. Beggars are led bedbug attack on Notre Dame to make Esmeralda. Frollo orders soldiers to disperse them. Phoebus executes sentence - Esmeralda ready to hang. Clopin and vagrants are expelled. Quasimodo sees things from the tower of the Cathedral. To execution of Esmeralda looks and Frollo. Frollo with mad laughter admits that he is sent to the gallows Esmeralda because she refused his love. Quasimodo throws Frollo from the tower. Quasimodo needs to give him a body unhappy Esmeralda. Quasimodo decides to stay with his beloved and die with her. Embracing Esmeralda, Quasimodo tells her that someday, many years, and find them - in the arms of each other. He persuades her to sing and dance a little more, even for him. Sing, my Esmeralda!
Musical hit the Guinness Book of Records, which had a most successful first year of operation. In the original version of the musical toured Belgium, France, Canada and Sweden. The single "Belle" was held at the first line of the French charts for 33 weeks and was voted the best song of the fiftieth anniversary. The show was played in Las Vegas, and in 2000 finally opened in London. May 21, 2002 opened the domestic production of "Notre Dame de Paris", carried out by producers of musical "Metro. The creators of the Russian edition of selected 45 artists - singers, dancers and acrobats. Russia's "Notre-Dame de Paris" was in the theater "Moscow operetta" to 14 March 2004.

«Phantom of the Opera»

Music: Andrew Lloyd-Webber
Libretto: Richard Stilgoe & Andrew Lloyd Webber

song lyrics: Charles Hart

The play opened the auction at the Paris Opera, one of the main buyers - Raoul de Chagny, he is in a wheelchair. Among other things, to sell an old chandelier, was directly involved in those same events. The action moved to 50 years ago, is a rehearsal for a new production of "Hannibal", the actors are the new directors of the opera. They are introduced to the diva Carlotta. It falls on a piece of scenery, and it is in the perturbation leaves the stage. Some people, however, still need to finish the game, and appears on the scene the main character - Christine Dae, the girl from the ballet. Madame Giry, baletmeystersha, I am confident that Christine can best fulfill the role. On the day of the premiere of Christina replaces Carlotta-public not long remember their heroes and be in awe of premershi. Present at the premiere of Raoul - a friend of her childhood.
Christina says her friend Meg, what awaits her Angel of Music, who, when dying, had promised to send her father - and the angel at the same time are delighted and frightened by it. It was he who taught her to sing, but never appeared. In the dressing room to Christine comes Raul, they remember childhood days. Christina is very happy to see him, but her mind is still an angel. Raul did not want to notice, briefly leaves it, and the audience for the first time heard the voice of the Phantom of the Opera. Christine asks him finally emerge. Before it was called a mirror, and the mirror track it leaves the dressing room. When Raul returns, he hears voices except Christina, also male, is going to break in and inflict a scene of jealousy, but open the door, he sees that there is no one inside.
Christine and the Phantom of traveling by boat on the underground lake - the most beautiful scene in the play. Ghost brings Christine to his home in the cellars of the Opera, begging her to stay with him forever. The song acts as hypnosis, and Christine falls asleep. Waking up, she tries to remember what happened to her and sees a ghost nearby, intently playing the organ, and from time to time to write anything down, quietly came up to him and rips off his half-mask and back, horrified. Ghost is enraged, but decides to let it go, taking a promise that she will return. Stagehand, entertains girls ballet horror stories of atrocities Phantom of the Opera. For new directors their problems. Critics have noticed the absence of prima donna, but has now disappeared and Christina, and no one to play, and all the tickets sold out presentation. At this time in the mail, they discover two identical letters addressed to them. Andre says that the whole evening was great, that's just for the ballet should be tightened. Firmaynu as a specialist in matters of money, it is indicated that they are owed wages, and it would be nice to pay. At the end is the same signature-PO: The Phantom of the Opera! They have already heard this story before, but to go so far as a joke ... from the discussion of their outrageous behavior pranksters tears Raoul: he ran to know Where was Christina. Sent him a letter in which it was reported that Christina took under his wing Angel of Music, and that you should not try to find her. Followed almost flies Carlotta. She also received a letter. It says that in the upcoming play "Il Muto" role assigned to perform Carlotta Christine Dae, and Carlotta better not try to stop it. Carlotta, of course, decided that the letters sent or Christina herself, or "Vicomte - her lover." Then came Madame Giry, a statement that Christine is back, in addition, she brought a letter from the Phantom. The letter says that Carlotta is to perform the role of Christine in «Il Muto», - namely, insignificant part page's. Carlotta, deciding that it is pushed from the position of divas, rolls scandal. Madame Giry pleads fulfill orders ghost or something terrible will happen. A director will take beg to stay, and at the same time cursing her whims was worth. All this is happening at a time!
Directors determines that fulfill the main role will be Carlotta, Christine gets a page's silent role. Evening presentation «Il Muto» comes, and Raul takes place in the fifth bed, knowing that this is the bed Phantom. Presentation begins. As promised, Carlotta plays the role of the Countess, and Christine, respectively - the page's role and the role has to be silent. Ghost appears on the scene as a huge shadow scaring dancers. Christine cries out that, well, it was a ghost, and Carlotta ordered silence: "You have a silent role, you little toad." But with the following passage diva instead of music erupts croaking. She is trying to start again, but singing is not obtained. All in shock, Carlotta quickly gone backstage and director, realizing that with the ghost better than to argue, say, that the idea will continue in a few minutes, and will play the role of the Countess Miss Christine Dae. But the ghost in anger and Christina starring him was obviously not enough. Falls out from behind the curtain hanging stagehand. General panic. Director try to calm the public, reporting that it is just an accident! Raul runs on stage to Christine and she drags him to the roof. There Christine tells Raoul about ghosts. Duet ends with a kiss, and it sees a ghost. He realizes that Cristina had betrayed him, and in a rage brings down the demonic laughter, still famous chandelier down.
It takes six months. Ghost did not appear, and all forgot about it. The second act opens scene masquerade. Among others present: Director, Carlotta's lover Piandzhi, baletmeystersha Meg Giry and Christine with Raoul. Christine on her neck on a chain - ring Raoul: they secretly got engaged, although Viscount love and wanted to publicly announce their engagement. But Christina still fears retaliation Ghost. Masquerade continues, and all spinning in pandemonium masks. Phantom of the ball, too, was dressed as the Red Death. He inquired sarcastically, do not miss it on a noble assembly, and said that he wrote the opera "Don Giovanni victor" and wants it to be staged in this theater. Then he goes to Christine and rips off her neck a chain with a ring with the words: "Your chains are still in my hands. You sing for me!The next scene takes place in the principal's office. Phantom of the Opera  before them. A Ghost in the letters gives orders for production. And it would be so bad - in the office break Carlotta and Piandzhi. She is hysterical: the Carlotta tiny role. Then come Raul and Christina, and between the two ladies is sparring, and around only add fuel to the fire. Madame Giry brought another letter from the Phantom. In the letter, he again takes place at Carlotta, advises Piandzhi lose weight, directors - do not meddle in other people's affairs, and Christine suggests that, well, would be nice to continue the lessons and come back to the teacher. Raul suggest the following: if Christina will sing, the ghost must appear, and then that it and get caught. In return, the pleas Kristininy not make her do it, Raul reassuringly states that her only hope. Madame Giry opened to him the secret ghost of genius disfigured from birth, which were taken and displayed in the cell as a monster. He ran away and hid in the cellars of the Opera. In the theater, the opera rehearsals begin. The piano begins to play itself, and the choir - singing against desire. Christina goes to her father's grave. Answers she was not the father, and the Ghost. He convinces Christine that he - he was an angel, which she turned away. Christina is almost coming to her beckoning ghost, but then there is Raul. He calls out to Christine, begging to come back. Ghost realizes that his plan has failed, and hopes to at least kill Raoul. He lures his monuments, but Christina does not allow him to leave behind the ghost, and eventually they both run away. Ghost in rage declares war to both.
Opening day, Raul with officers and arrows again to discuss "plan to capture the Ghost." He is invisibly present with and listens with a grin, as he was going to take. It was evening. Opera hall full. In the story Christina sings duet with Don Juan but - the substitution is done! In the middle of Christina understands who plays Don Juan, Ghost in support of this aria ends, putting on her ring finger Christina, Christina throws his hood and reveals his face to the audience. Panic starts in the hall, and Christina with the ghost disappear. All rush backstage, where they find the body of a murdered Piandzhi. Madame Giry, knowing where to disappear ghost with Christine, Raoul pulls into the basement.
Christine and the Phantom, meanwhile traveling by boat on the underground lake. Ghost, cursing his fate, complains to his deformity, but Christina says that this monstrosity - in his soul. In the midst of explaining breaks Raul. He begs to release the Ghost Christina. Punjabi noose encircled his neck. Raises the specter of Christine a choice: life or death of Raul. Suddenly, Christine agrees: it appeals to the Ghost saying compassion and kisses him. Raul is in complete shock and does not go out of it even when, Ghost silently frees it. Behind the scenes hear cries of approaching the crowd: underground shelter Ghost detected. Ghost tells Christine and Raoul escape by taking a boat. He himself remains. He asks to forget it, forget all that has happened here. Raoul and Christine slowly away, leaving a ghost. He mockingly looks at his mask and listening to the music box plays. Christine suddenly returns and gives the ghost of his ring. He is with sadness and tenderness, says: "Christine, I love you ..." But Christina was gone.
He walks slowly to his throne, sits on it, wrapped in a cloak and disappear. At that moment the crowd rushes. Meg rushes to the throne, and tore off his cloak: but in her hand only the white half mask.
The musical was staged in 27 countries, now he goes to the six countries. in London, he has been played for more than 10,000 raz.Na present "The Phantom of the Opera" - one of the most beloved musicals throughout the world (in 2002, he was awarded by public vote Laurence Olivier Award in the category "most popular musical") and the most full-length play in the history of musical theater - and in the West End and on Broadway, "The Phantom of the Opera" was played over 9000 times and still continues to draw full houses at Her Majesty's Theatre (London) and Majestic (New York).

«Roméo et Juliette»

Music and lyrics: Gérard Presgurvic

Because of the blood feud influential Italian families the Montagues and Capulets in Verona chaos and lawlessness. Prince on pain of death to the city ordered to cease hostilities. During that as Lady Capulet and Lady Montague denounce vendetta between clans, the son of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet daughter dream of love. Paris, who comes from a noble family, comes to the Capulet family ask for the hand of their daughter Lady Capulet urges Juliet to marry. Meanwhile Romeo's friends Mercutio and Benvolio leads an idle life in Verona. Bedevils Romeo hunch something was wrong. Hoping to distract him, Benvolio Mercutio and convince him, her face a mask to go with them to the ball Capulet family. At the ball, he runs to Juliet, they fell in love. Tybalt recognizes Romeo and his friends.
Juliet learns that Romeo is hiding under the mask. Tybalt sadly tells of his difficult childhood, because he began to hate all Montagues Juliette dreams of meeting Romeo. Romeo sneaks into her garden, where she offers her hand and heart. Romeo asks the priest to marry Lorenzo. He agrees, in the hope that it can reconcile the warring clans. Juliet's nurse comes to Romeo meets his friends who do not understand why the Capulets look for it. Romeo tells her that the wedding will take place this evening. Nurse, who loves Juliet's daughter, brings her the good news. Romeo and Juliet secretly marry.
The next day, Benvolio and Mercutio, Romeo is accused of treason because of her marriage to Juliet. Tybalt, secretly in love with his cousin Juliet, Romeo seeks to kill him. He comes to Montague, but does not find a Romeo. Instead, there is a conflict with Mercutio. Romeo tries to separate them, but only prevents - under his arm Tybalt wounds Mercutio. Wound is mortal, Mercutio dies at the hands of Romeo. Romeo kills Tybalt.
In place of the duel come Montague and Capulet families, demanding retribution Prince. Prince banishes Romeo from Verona and thinks about what it means to Verona. Juliet learns of his brother's death. Lorenzo convinces Romeo that exile saves him from death. Evening Romeo to Juliet enters the bedroom through the garden and they spend the first night together, after which Romeo flees to Mantua. Juliet's parents take an irrevocable decision - the next day to the wedding of Paris and Juliet. She tries unsuccessfully to dissuade parents. Frustrated, Lord Capulet tells of his love for his daughter. Juliet does not understand why must obey.
In exile, Romeo thinks Juliet. In despair, Juliet runs to Lorenzo, who comes up with a plan that he believes will end happily for the lovers and their families. Juliet pretends to agree with the plan of getting married, but on the night before the wedding, she drinks a decoction prepared Lorenzo. This broth was prepared in such a way that, as a drunk, who is similar to death. Juliet hopes that when he wakes up in the family vault, Romeo will come and take it from there. But the letter to Romeo Lorenzo, in which he tells him about the plan is lost. Instead, Romeo learns from Benvolio that Juliet is dead.
Romeo arrives at the Capulet family tomb and sees Juliet lifeless. To join her in death, Romeo drinks the poison. Soon after, Juliet wakes up and sees her dead husband. Without it, she does not want to live and impales himself to his dagger. A little later, Lorenzo came to the crypt and finds a dead loved ones. He complains to their God. Following the outcome of the tragedy two families decided to forget about the old divisions and begin to live in the world.
"Romeo and Juliet" - French musical, written by William Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet." Music and lyrics were written by Gerard Presgyurvikom (Gérard Presgurvic). The first performance took place in Paris on 19 January 2001. Was produced by Gerard Lovin, GLEM and Universal Music.




Producers: Dove Attia et Albert Cohen
Directed by: Olivier Dahan
Choreographer: Dan Stewart
Libretto: Dove Attia et François Chouquet
Lyrics: Dove Attia, Patrice Guirao and Vincent Baguian
Composers: Rodrigue Janois, William Rousseau, Olivier Schultheis, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Elio, Antoine Essertier, Lilitoy, Nicolas Luciani, Philippe Uminski, Apocalyptica, Socalled, Rémy Lacroix et Dove Attia

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