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teoTeona Dolnikova
Prizes and awards: 
 2002 - Winner of "Grand Prix" competition "Slavic Bazaar» 
 2002 - Winner of the Theatre Award "Triumph» 
 2003 - Winner of the Theatre Award "Golden Mask" for the role of Esmeralda 
 2010 - Grand Prix at the International Vocal Competition «Golden Voices 2010" Teona Dolnikova - more than a special phenomenon of the Russian music scene. It has one of the most seductive voice, allowing her to feel as comfortable as in the theater, and on the stage. Her voice startled even the most advanced student. Singer, actress, author of music and songs born in Moscow. Since childhood, studied singing and choreography. Graduated from music school Gnesin, studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. One of the few female singers and actresses were busy almost all musicals set in Moscow in 1999, and for his role in the musical "Metro" was nominated for the State Prize of the Russian Federation. She has starred in the musical "Metro", "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Warriors of the Spirits." Her enchanting voice can be heard in the film "Boomer", "The Fourth Wish", "Happy Birthday, Lola," "The Case Kukotsky", "Doomed to be a star," and duets with Timothy and Gosha Kutsenko, joint composition with Uno and the group " slot "for a long time did not descend from the play-sheets of different radio stations. She is well versed in contemporary music styles and easy to sing in any of them. After the first solo concert, held in 2003, it became clear that she alone could easily conquer and fascinate many thousands hall. Currently studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles and at the same time plays the role of Jennifer in the musical "The Times did not choose"
Anastasia Gonchar
Singer, actress, fashion model, songwriter, poet. In the theater, operetta in the musical "Monte Sristo" plays the role of Valentine de Villefort. At 13, she moved to Moscow to study at the studio of Yuri Nikolaev "Morning Star." Entered the acting department GITIS. In 2004 she took part in the contest "New Wave". In the "Theater of the Moon" played the role of Cordelia of Shakespeare. She wrote the music and lyrics, actively zanimayuetsya his solo project.
 1 prize contest "KAUNAS-2003" in Lithuania; 
 Grand Prix "Rainbow stars-2003" in Jurmala; 
 Grand Prix "Birthday" in St. Petersburg, winner, "Die Kleine Sternsnuppen-2003" in Germany ; 
 winner certificates active participant in the first International Assembly of Young ambassadors for Peace; 
 laureate of International contest "New Wave-2004"; 
 Grand Prix "International Forum of Models and Talent -2008"; 
 owner of the certificate "The trip to the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood 2008 ".
Maria Shorstova
Work in the theater art project "WORDS / Les Mots» Maxim Goshko (2007) 
 program "Golden Melodies musicals» 
 musical «CATS» Grizabella, Demeter (2005-2006), 
 swing musical "12 chairs" Lisa-vegetarian (2003-2004) , 
 theater project "Package" (2003), 
 musical "Nord-Ost" Katya Tatarinov (2001-2004), 
 theater-cabaret "Die Fledermaus" (ensemble roles,1999-2000) 
 «Notre Dame de Paris", "Richard 3" "Count Nulin" (1995-1999, the theater "Globe" in Novosibirsk)
Additionally solo concerts 
 participated in the TV show "Harem" 
 participated in the recording of the disc musical "Scarlet" 2005
petIrina Perova
Awards 1st prize winner of the international festival "Light Your Star" (2001) 
 Grand Prix singers' Prize Mayor "(2001). Education MGUK 2000-2005, directing department. Work in the theater: now-musical "Toothy Nanny" - Raven, the musical "The Times did not choose" - the ensemble, the project "Multibend show» 
 musical «CATS» Miss Jenny, swing (2005-2006), 
 musical "12 chairs" (2003-2004) 
 musical "Nord-Ost" ensemble roles, Aunt Thira (2004).
Karine Asiryan
She graduated from the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute 
 (filmmaking, 1995), 
 Yerevan State College of Variety and Jazz (1999). She graduated GITIS, Faculty of musical theater.
In school, she was a soloist of children's vocal and instrumental group "Rainbow". Laureate of the children's contest "Merry Notes" (Moscow, Russia) and "La Boheme" (Yerevan, Armenia).
For several years, worked with the Yerevan 
 Symphony Orchestra under the direction of E. Erznkyan. She attended numerous concerts.
In 2006, represented Armenia at the international festival "Slavic Bazaar".
Theatrical works: 
 1999 - 2002 G. - musical "Metro" (the Moscow Operetta Theatre) 
 2004-2006 - the musical "Romeo and Juliet" (MTO) - Lady Montague
Since 2008, the musical "Monte Cristo," plays the role of Haidee.
Diana Savelieva
She studied at the Children's Theater and music studio at the theater "Romen". She graduated from the Medical University. Gnesins. In 2000 won the "Romansiada" Role Esmeralda - a new stage in the life of Diana. In 1995, she took first place in the international competition "Dzhazomaniya."
Her an ovation sophisticated audience that had gathered at the Column House of Unions. Her beautiful high soprano subject to different genres: R & B, soul, oriental. She sang with the pop group "Riviera". Recorded the first track, "Arabica" in ROM B. Dedyuley. Performances of Diana Savelyeva on TV. Directed by Emil Loteanu shoots her in the movie-concert "Golden Gypsies of Moscow." Her bright beauty certainly remembered by the audience of musical comedy "The busy place."
She - Artist Mosconcert. Held in Moscow at the International Festival "Gypsy Compound" and "At the turn of the century" has twice been honored with gold medals.
Esmeralda Diana Savelevoj was a miracle. Warm reception, which invariably has the main character of the audience, only confirms the impression. By the way - the only ethnic gypsy in all versions of the play «Notre Dame de Paris».
Currently playing Gayde role in the musical "Monte Cristo"
Valeri Anokhin
Professional singer, a graduate Gnessin School.
Since 1988 was the singer of "If", whose song "Mary" became the first double album (plate), "Anthology of Christian Rock in Russia", released in 1994.
In early 1991 he was the 1990 season. began playing the role of Jesus of Nazareth in the performance theater. City Council "Jesus Christ - Superstar".
In 1991, he participated in antripriznom play "Salome," which played the role of John the Baptist (Herod - M.Suhanov, Salome - L.Maris, Herodias - L.Polischuk / V.Babicheva).
In 1992 he played the title role in the musical Alexander Klevitskogo "Gelsomino in the country of liars," staged in the concert hall "Russia". Also became the only Russian artists were invited to participate in the festival «Baltic Son Festival» in the Swedish city of Karlsneyme.
In 1993 he moved to permanent residence in the U.S.. He currently lives and works in the United States. He occasionally travels to Russia.
Played the role of Jesus in 1994, the year 02.06.2004, 29.10.2010 year (anniversary show).
Igor Balalaev
In 1995. graduated from Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute (N. Milchenko course) in «actor drama theater and cinema."
 from 1995 to 1996. - Actor Omsk Drama Chamber Theatre "Fifth House" - a "fictitious marriage" - Ivan Altynnik 
 from 1996 to 1998. - Lead singer of the Omsk State Music Theater - "White Acacia" - Yasha-Tug (director - Vladimir Podgorodinsky "Guilty Without Guilt" - Neznamov (director - Vladimir Podgorodinsky; 
 from 1998 to 2001. - Actor Omsk Drama Theater - "Ceremonies of the dawn", "Klavigo", "Abyss", "sunset", "Talents and Admirers", "Brother Chichikov," "Well, well! ..", "The incident, which no one noticed," "Colonel nobody writes ";
From 2002 to 2003. - Actor Theatre "Nikitsky Gate" - "Invisible" - Griffin (Director - K. Nersisyan), "Diary, or The Wise Man Stumbles (Ostrovsky)" - Golutvin (director - A. Katz), " Birthday Leopold "- Leopold (Director - A. Vilkov) 
 since 2002. - Actor MTYuZa - «Good Bye, America!" (Director - Yanovskaya), "A Streetcar Named 'Desire'" - Mitch, "Roberto Zucco" - Brother, Police, "Knight Ghost" - Don Carlos; 
 2002 - 2004 - Musical «Notre Dame de Paris» - Claude Frollo 
 2003 - 2004, - the musical "12 chairs" - Vorobyaninov Vorobyaninov, supporting actor (Alchen engineer Shchukin, caretaker) (prod. - T. Keosayan) 
 2004 - 2006 - musical "Romeo and Juliet" - Count Capulet 
 2005 - the musical "Cats" - Bastofer Jones, Asparagus, Groultayger 
 From 2008 - Musical "Monte Cristo" - Edmond Dantes (Moscow Operetta) 
 Since 2009 acts as Herr Schultz in the Russian version of the musical «Cabaret»
 1996 - Diploma of All-Russia competition of ballet operetta (Krasnodar) 
 1997 - nominated for the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" in the category "Musical Theater Actor" for his role Yashka-tug in the operetta "White Acacia" (And . Dunaevsky) 
 1997 - winner of the International Competition of operetta (Odessa)
movie roles: 
 2009 First Love - Boris 
 2009 Sea Patrol - 2 - Nightmare Peter A., ​​Attorney, Head Marina Hare 
 2009 That's the music (in production) 
 2008 Zaza - Seva 
 2007 Lenin's Testament - Episode 
 2007 Atlantis 
 2004 Lily silvery-2 - Episode
 2009 Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen | Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (USA) :: Fallen \ Fallen 
 1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame | Hunchback, The (USA, Canada, Hungary) 
 1995 Pocahontas | Pocahontas (U.S. animated)
Andrew Belyavsky
Graduated from Voronezh Academy of Arts theater department. He worked at the Samara Academic Theatre of Drama, where he made his debut in the musical genre, singing party Tony in "West Side Story."
Theatrical works 
 2003-2004 biennium - Quasimodo in the musical «Notre Dame de Paris» (Moscow Operetta Theatre) 
 2004 - 2006 - The Duke of Verona in the musical "Romeo and Juliet" (Moscow Operetta Theatre) 
 The Duke of Verona in the musical "Romeo and Juliet" (musical Trade) 
 Since 2008 - prosecutors de Villefort in the musical "Monte Cristo" (Moscow Operetta Theatre) 
 Since 2009 - Grey in the musical "Scarlet" in Samara academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky 
 Since 2009 - Ernst Ludwig in the Russian version musical «Cabaret»
Vladimir Dybsky
Currently playing the role of Edmond Dantes in the musical "Monte Cristo" at the Moscow Operetta Theater. He was the lead singer of the musical "Romeo and Juliet" (Role - The Duke of Verona, first composition) and «Notre Dame de Paris» (Russian version, the role - Gringoire (premiere composition). Role - Eagle in the musical-circus show "Wedding jays."
Also, since 2002, been involved in the music program at the Operetta Theater "Golden Collection of musical world."
Was the leader, the leader - lead singer and drummer of the rock group's "Requiem" and performs the vocals in rock bands "Magic Theatre", "Garden Ring", "rout." He has worked with orchestras such renowned artists as Marina Klebnikov Semen Canada, Igor talc, Irina Dyukov Saulsky, Grigory Leps, Lada Dance, Lolita, Alexander Green, Murat Nasyrov. Organizer, musical director and vocal coach Exemplary Children's Musical Theater "Columbine", the winner of numerous Russian and international competitions and festivals. Recorded a song for the film E.A.Ginzburga "Game of Love."
He has played several dramatic roles, including the role - based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
He is currently the executive producer of art. - Project "Hotel Two Worlds" (CCTV "Consent"), as well as the leading actor Julien portals.
Valeria Lanskaya
• It is known for the TV series "The Circus Princess", "Kadetstvo" films "New Tariff", "Hare over the abyss," TV project "Ice Age",
• Musical «Zorro»-Louise, "Operetta Theatre" musical "Monte Cristo" - Mercedes, enterprise "Mata Hari" - the main role of Gertrude Hesse (Mata Hari) operetta "Caesar and Cleopatra" - Cleopatra, Theatre. Rybnikov rock opera "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta" - Star, Teresa, rock-opera "Juno and Avos" - Conchita, the musical "Scarlet Sails" - gonna
• Private Company "Hotel Two Worlds" - Laura enterprise "Do not believe your eyes" - Zhasant, enterprise "Nameless Star" - Mona enterprise "raising me for ever" (on a work of Nikolai Gogol "Vij") - young mistress, theater them. Evg.Vahtangova: "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" - Shahrizada, "The Dog in the Manger" - Clara
• «Moon Theatre" "Liromaniya" - Cordelia, "Lips" - Magda, "Tender Is the Night" - Rosemary Hoyt, "Ball Sleepless" - Dasha, Praskovya, "Mary Poppins" - Mary Poppins. "Satyricon" "Country Love" - Berendei
Alex Losihin
One of the leading actors of the Moon Theatre under the direction of People's Artist Sergei Prokhanov. In 2004, Alex successfully is casting in the Russian version of the French musical "Romeo and Juliet" for the role of Mercutio. Work on this project has brought the young actor is not only well known and a lot of fans, but also a great experience French school musical. In 2005, the theater of the moon out two shows with Alexis starring "Old and New Faust" and the musical "Liromaniya" written by composer Alexander Zhurbin based on Shakespeare's "King Lear." In 2008, Alex moved French musical "Starmania" fully adapted libretto by now, and put this musical with a graduate student at the HOST Sergei Prokhanov. Alex himself has performed in this musical co-star, a terrorist Johnny Rockfort, considered one of the most difficult vocal in the history of musicals. After "Starmania" in the theater of the moon goes play "Bullfight", where Alex is again the leading roles.
Now busy with the TV series "Wedding Ring", "Margot" plural
Alexandr Golubev
Awards Festival "Musical Heart of Theatre" Best Performer of the second plan "for the role of Baloo in the musical" Mowgli ", Honored Artist of Russia
Education Medical University. Gnesin, RATA (GITIS) 
 work in the theater musical "Monte Cristo" Bertuccio 2008 
 «My Fair Lady", "sinner", "Mowgli" Baloo, "Violet of Montmartre" (Moscow State Academic Opera Theatre) 
 musical «Notre Dame de Paris» Claude Frollo 
 musical "Metro» 
 «Lyceum Theatre» 
 MTYUZ (1995) work in film and television, "Promised Heaven."
Gleb Matveichuk
Education: Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (vocal department), Higher Drama School Shchepkin (workshop Nikolai Afonina).
Wrote the music for the documentary and feature films:
"Pilgrimage to the Eternal City," "George", "Christmas Holiday", "Planet of Orthodoxy", "hills and valleys", "Time of Troubles", "New Earth", "From the flame and light (Michael Lermontov)" " Rock Head "," Admiral "," Third Wish "," A house without exit "," Yaroslav ".
Also the author of music for theater productions:
"The Dog in the Manger" - an experimental setting, dir. Igor Jacko, "The Waiting Room" - performed by Michael Gorev.
In April 2006, became vocalist Lady Prowler, in 2007, together with Igor Novikov creates group «Flair» also had concerts in the role of lead singer with the group "Renaissance".
In 2007 he participated in the ethnic - the musical "Children of the Sun"
Since 2008, engaged in the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" in the role of Jesus of Nazareth.
On October 12, 2008 acts as Fernand de Morcerf in the musical "Monte Cristo."
On May 21, 2009 acts as the portal to the Julien's play "Hotel of the two worlds."
Was nominated for a National Award for Film "Golden Eagle - 2008" in the category "Best Music Score" (the film "Admiral")
Movie roles
1994 - "Fire arrows"
2004 - "72 meters" - a sailor on the CPU, "Dad" (in the episode) - student dorm
2005 - "The Fall of the Empire", 1-series, "The Demon" - pianist Rogov, "Children Vanyukin"
"Heavenly Life"
2006 - "Point" (in the episode)
2008 - "Cursed Paradise 2" - Ivan
2009 - "Margot" - Ruslan Khil'kevich
Vadim Midshipman
Vadim repeated winner of international festivals and competitions, "Hope of Europe", "Wind Rose", "Voices of the 21st century."
In 2003 he came to the capital and entered the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of pop-jazz vocals.
In October 2008, won the role of parents abandoned thief Benedetto in the musical "Monte Cristo" in the Moscow Operetta Theater. In the same year took part in the filming of "STEP STEP buy" by Igor Korobeinikova, where Vadim played the role of a student Midshipman, where he took his last name, alias!
In 2009 he played in the musical "The Bremen Town Musicians" production center "Triumph" eccentric and a bit naive King.
In May 2010, the French officer played the role of Charles in the musical "Love and Espionage" by Yegor Druzhinin. In September 2010, together with Valeria akrtisoy Lansky took part in the opening of the XIX Open Film Festival "Film shock" in Anapa.
Anton Derov
• worked in Poland, in the musical "Metro". Since 1992 takes part in the performances of the Theater. City Council.
• Cooperation with the "Walt Disney":
• - performing the title song "Arabian Nights" in m / f "Aladdin"
• - duplication major role in m / f "Bambi" (Bambi), "Alice in Wonderland" (Hatter), "Tarzan", etc.
• Diploma actor's song contest them. Andrey Mironov.
Theatrical works:
"Jesus Christ - Superstar" (Judas Iscariot)
"Topsy-turvy" (Octopus, Nightingale the Robber, Ivory Baiyun, Pal)
"The Game" (Musician Reporter)
"Wandering Lights" (Young people)
Musical "Metro" theater "Moscow operetta" role - Caruso;
Musical "Monte Cristo," the role - Bertuccio
Anya Vershkova
Promising talented actress with an amazing voice. Her first role in musicals - Hyde in the musical "Monte Cristo."
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